Christine Ellis

Through Shamanism, Healing Is Possible

Connect ~ Heal ~ Transform

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An Invitation to Evolve

Hello! If you have arrived at this page, know that this is no accident that you are here! Whether you stumbled upon this place, were referred to this site by someone, or came here because you were curious - I would like to express gratitude that you have decided to explore this location as a part of your healing journey! While shamanism is an ancient art of healing, there are many of us that have been called back into shamanism as a part of our own awakening journey to help others heal themselves. If you felt prompted to find some method of healing, feel free to learn more about me or the offerings to see if it meets your needs!

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About Me

Every one of us has a story! Here's my tale of how shamanism came to me and my own personal journey.



Find out more about shamanism, such as; what is a shamanic healer and how can this benefit me?


Essential Oils

Interested in learning more about herbal & plant life in the form of liquid through Young Living's essential oils? 


Discover the different packages that are being offered, from one-on-one sessions to an awakening mentorship program. All sessions are uniquely designed for you!

I encourage you to read each offerings below and use your intuitive guidance to choose the offering that best fits what is needed at this moment in your life. You do not have to fully understand or believe in how this works - although I would be more than happy to explain how this process works to anyone with curious and inquiring minds!

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Guidance

Awakening Mentorship Program